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Diploma in Port Management

Why should I take the Diploma in Port Management?

The Diploma in Port Management is a course offered by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) which is aimed at those who are interested in becoming port managers.

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of the different aspects of port management and how they interrelate. It also explains how ports function as economic drivers and their importance to society.

This diploma course can be taken either full-time or part-time, depending on the individual’s circumstances.

How will I benefit from Diploma in Port Management?

The role of logistics & supply chain in the current era is tremendous. Looking back into the history, one will realize that Vasco-de-Gama and Christopher Columbus were great navigators who ventured in with great risk to promote trade when shipping was extremely risky. It took centuries to achieve the present state through Military Logistics to Business Logistics. We at GIOMACS prostrate those legends.

SUBJECTS COVERED – SYLLABUS                                                       hrs

  • Introduction to Global Shipping                                                           30
  • Port Operations & Functions                                                                 30
  • Containerization and Role of CONCOR                                              20
  • EXIM Trade and Incoterms                                                                   26
  • Freight Movements and Documentation                                             26
  • Multimodal Transportation – Rail-Road Connectivity                     26
  • Cargo Loading – Discharge and Handling Equipment                     26
  • Shipping Channel & Berthing                                                                 20
  • Port Users Network & IT Applications                                                 26
  • Role of Customs & Regulatory Bodies                                                  30

Examination: 10 Papers of 100 Marks Each.

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